The 2018 Funny Bone Comedy Competition


Announcing the 7th Annual Funny Bone Comedy Competition. This years competition is open to amateur comics around the country ranging from first timers all the way through feature acts (please no headliners) Entry into the competition will be $20 all money collected in form of entry fees will be used as prize money for the competition winners. Each Comic will receive a set number of passes for each show. All shows will take place on Monday nights at the Saint Louis Funny Bone and will be promoted on their website. The contest will take place over multiple weeks and in 3 rounds. Which week you perform will be chosen at random (with notice given).

In round one contestants will be expected to perform at least 4 minutes of original material. Round one is usually divided up over 4 weeks with a select number of performers from round one moving on to Round two.

In round two contestants will be expected to perform at least 6 minutes of original material. This round will also be divided over the number of weeks necessary with a select number moving on to the final.

In the final contestants will perform for at least 8 minutes.

Each show in the competition will have a professional host (opener) and headliner. Check drops for the club will not take place till all contestants have performed. No restrictions on content or language. The line up for each show is drawn up the night of the show.

To Sign up please complete the form below. The $20 entry fee can be made online via the paypal link below the sign up sheet. The deadline to enter and pay will be May 21st

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