Dates: 09/10/2017 Dates: 09/10/2017

*Special Engagement*

They say a leopard can’t change its spots, but there is one comedienne doing the equivalent on the stage today. According to some, people aren’t looking for your everyday one liner All American comedian. People are eager to hear the brash and the truth, which constitutes comedy. Honesty makes for the best laughter and policy. You’ll definitely get this from another one of St. Louis’ hottest, dazzling comedienne, comedian BPhlat.

Here’s Beverly Nelson. Smart, attractive, musically talented, motivated and funny. After graduating with a degree in fine arts from Fontbonne College in St. Louis, comedian BPhlat traveled to Philadelphia to pursue a Master’s degree in Business and Arts Administration. Comedian BPhlat worked as a Marketing Director for one of Philadelphia’s largest law firms, so why is comedian BPhlat standing on stage doing comedy?

This talented woman prefers to hone her comedy skills in her new home of Philadelphia. Her comedy is different and unlike many female comics, comedian BPhlat does not depend on manbashing, using profanity, or being overly sexually graphic and explicit. Comedian BPhlat urges women to take a closer look at themselves and improve and empower yourself and everything else will fall into place. Quit trying to maintain a man, Nelson often chides in closing her set, Maintain yourself and the man will have to follow.

One of the best fines in the industry, her seductive, deep rich voice, which carries the twang of the Midwest accent, will captivate you as comedian BPhlat draws you into her funny tales of life, love, and happiness.

This bad girl, currently putting it down in Philadelphia, started her career Six years ago and has accomplished many impressive credits. B Phlat has been a Host and Headliner for the last Two years on the RJE Urban Comedy Cabaret Tour, which is the largest, highest grossing, and longest running comedy tour catering to colleges/ universities in the nation. Comedian BPhlat has also been featured on numerous television shows such as Showtime at the Apollo, Four seasons of BET’s Comicview, a writer for ESPN Magazine, hosting several celebrity events such as the Russell Simmon’s Phat Farm Fashion Show & Def Comedy Jam in Negril, Jamaica, FUBU International Okwaku Festival in Amsterdam and most recently corporate sponsorship by Donyell Marshall’s Triple D Productions.